Elizabeth Liu

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October 31st, 2002


Cincinnati, OH


Computer science major

Graduation Year



Other extracurriculars

My small business & a part-time internship





Love Languages

Quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation

Tell us About Yourself​


Hey! My name is Elizabeth and I'm from a town in Cincinnati, Ohio. I grew up with my parents and my older brother who has now just graduated from Georgia Tech. My parents were born in China but moved here around when they started our family. I spent a lot of my childhood oscillating between different identities; growing up with little to no other Asians in my close community, I found it especially difficult to find myself. This struggle ended up in me going through almost every cliché "phase," from sporty to indie to edgy and then finally I encountered my infamous "slime" phase—where one weekend I decided to start posting videos of slime I made for fun until the account eventually grew into a long-running business and passion project. I discovered my interest in social media and technology's ability to facilitate art, entrepreneurship, and interpersonal connection. Through this work and my pursuit of my interests in service and social activism, I found I could embrace all sides of myself—the artist, the scientist, the leader, and the listener—and I learned to stop trying to define myself in fixed terms. With this mindset, I knew I could feel in place at any community I might find myself in. I chose to major in computer science in Carnegie Mellon with an intention to minor/concentrate in HCI in hopes of being able to enable technology to serve others as it did me. At KPL I’m excited to grow even more while serving the community, supporting the sisters around me, and forging new relationships.


I love anything art-related: especially poetry and creative writing, graphic design, and pretty much anything related to DIYs and handicrafts. I also love FOOD—I think it might be my love language. I love cooking and baking, sharing food, and traveling to try new foods specifically.

What are some things you can't live without? 

Trader Joe's, coffee, Taylor Swift, and my jewelry collection

What are your college and career goals? 

I hope to learn enough at my time at CMU to feel confident to start my career in tech where I imagine I might work as a software engineer or something similar. Long-term, I do not see myself doing software engineering but instead transitioning to a role more related to a field such as product design.

Clothing sizes

Top: small, or for t-shirts a medium
Dress: extra small/small
Bottoms: 27-28 waist, petite length if possible lol
Jackets: small, or medium/large for oversized fit (which I usually go for)
Shoe size: 7.5

What do you look for in a potential big sister?
Who do you look up to most? Why?
What kind of personalities do you get along with?
What is a moment or achievement you're proud of?
What qualities do you value in a person?
What do you hope to gain from the new member process of Kappa Phi Lambda?

In a big I would look for someone who is ambitious, creative, down-to-earth and straightforward, who's happy to joke and laugh but also really likes deep and engaging conversation. It would be a bonus if they had similar career interests as me also. I hope our relationship isn't one that's just "big and little", but above all a long-lasting and close friendship, where I feel like we could confide in each other at any time.

I look up the most to members of my family in different ways. I look up to my mom for her literal endless supply of work ethic and selflessness, my dad for how much he's accomplished, and my brother for his confidence and his diligent commitment to a workout routine. And each additional day I'm at CMU, I look up more and more to the classmates around me, whether it's just my study buddies or the TAs helping me at office hours. They're all so incredibly smart and hardworking and I hope someday to be like them too.

I feel like I get along with every personality in different ways. I feel I get along most naturally with other people who are chill and down-to-earth, have a sense of humor and/or get my dry humor, and in general people that are kind and caring.

Honestly, the most recent moment was when I finished first semester with good grades. My first semester was by far the most I have ever been academically challenged and despite sometimes truly believing I couldn't have what it takes I proved myself wrong. I'm also proud of the writing award I received in high school for my my original short story historical fiction piece on Asian cultural identity during WWII, and for my slime business/social media/website.

I admire people who are honest, considerate, motivated, and artistic. I am almost always moved by people who have tons of patience for others and who are confident and kind to themselves as well.

I hope to have a better picture in mind of where I fit in KPL and how KPL fits into my own life, and most importantly, become closer friends with the other members of my class and the sisters more by getting to know them more deeply.



Eighth Grade




Anything my mom cooks; otherwise I love strawberries


All the Light We Cannot See

Music Genre

Indie pop

Junk Food

Extra Toasty Cheez-its



Clothing Style/Store/Shop

YesStyle (lol)




  1. petting dogs​

  2. watching sitcoms

  3. La Prima

  4. drawing & painting

  5. swimming

  6. traveling

  7. reading

  8. taking photos

  9. grocery shopping

  10. piercings


  1. olives

  2. Dance Monkey by Tones and I

  3. physics

  4. pork

  5. beef

  6. the weekend is only 2 days

  7. samsung emojis

  8. pittsburgh weather

  9. the office (hot take)

  10. my 8ams