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Evelyn Zheng

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Queens, New York


Biological Sciences + Minor in CS

Graduation Year


Other extracurriculars

I am currently a part of Helix Dance Crew and would like to join Big Straw Magazine, Women in Science, and Doctors of Carnegie Mellon.





Love Languages

Acts of service, quality time, physical touch

Tell us About Yourself​


My name is Evelyn Zheng and I was born and raised in Fresh Meadows. I am the middle child of my family with an older sister and younger brother. Within my family, I am known as the laziest yet most ambitious one. I am Chinese American with my mom being from Guangdong and my dad being from Shenyang! Currently, I study biological sciences at CMU as a first-year on the premedical path. Before coming to college, I found myself in communities surrounding my hobbies. I joined my high school's competitive dance team in sophomore year and participated in other performances such as flow, which consisted of glow stick tricking. I am drawn to groups that are chaotic, easygoing, tightly knit, and passionate. My friend groups were usually very close and rarely had conflict. I love small get togethers with new people and having meals the most when I hangout. I would consider myself to be introverted, laid back, and someone who enjoys the company of others even when doing absolutely nothing. I am almost always willing to go out spontaneously, especially if it allows me to procrastinate or get an escape. My spontaneity can sometimes lead to bad decisions, but I still try to be responsible regardless. In my down time, my favorite activities to do are to explore new neighborhoods and wander in random stores, looking at random objects and items I don't particularly need or seek out. When I am stressed, walking in parks and just being around nature once in a while is most calming. I also enjoy binge watching new shows and am always open to suggestions! Going into college, I wanted to find people that I can have fun with but also people that I can learn from as I go through my adult years and figure out my long term interests, which I hope to be able to do with KPL.


In my free time, I mainly enjoy dancing to open-style choreography or K-pop choreography and watching Korean dramas. I occasionally enjoy to journal and recently started doing Chinese calligraphy!

What are some things you can't live without? 

When it comes to music I cannot live without Seventeen, a K-pop group that embodies excellent artistry, talent, and friendship, as well as artists such as IU, TXT, and more. Besides K-pop, I also listen to a lot of R&B, which is necessary when I want to relax, chill, or study. I also cannot live without seltzer water, specifically from the brand Bubly. Strawberry-flavored Bubly has been there for me during my stressful and thirsty times. Over quarantine, I used to have up to 4 cans of seltzer water a day. Although my body can no longer tolerate seltzer water in that quantity, it is still something I enjoy. Some foods I can't live without are my grandma's Chinese tomato and egg dish and Chipotle. Chipotle reminds me of my friends from back home and never gets old.

What are your college and career goals? 

My main short term college goal is to get a better sense of what field I want to pursue a future career in. Although I am currently interested in biology, I have yet to gain experience in a medical environment or laboratory. I hope to partake in extracurriculars revolving around volunteering, clinical work, and research to refine my interests and determine what I wish to major in. Another short term goal of mine is to find the communities that I fit into at CMU! As a freshman, I am still trying out different clubs to find groups of people that I am compatible with in order to hopefully form long-lasting friendships. I find it very important for me to connect with other people during my college years, even more so because I wish to pursue a career where I interact a lot with people, and wish to accomplish this by continuing my hobbies of writing and dancing. My current long term career goals are to attend medical school and become a physician. Skin has always been something that fascinated me as I struggled with keeping my own skin healthy, which has made me interested in skincare and cosmetic chemistry. Dermatology is the specialty that appeals to me most. However, I am not set on becoming a physician and want to spend time early on in college to figure out whether my interest in computer science may affect my long term career goals.

Clothing sizes

I am a size medium in tops and jackets/outerwear, size 2 in dresses, size 25 in bottoms, and 6 in shoes.

What do you look for in a potential big sister?
Who do you look up to most? Why?
What kind of personalities do you get along with?
What is a moment or achievement you're proud of?
What qualities do you value in a person?
What do you hope to gain from the new member process of Kappa Phi Lambda?

I would look for someone who is caring and similar to me. I would want to be able to hangout with my big sister alone outside of sorority events and go on food/shopping adventures. It would be cool if my potential sister had similar hobbies as I do and could go to dance workshops with me occasionally. I connect better with people who are funny and outgoing but are more on the mellow side. I am someone who tends to do things last-minute and is constantly stressed out, so it would be nice to have a big sister who works in the same way and has tips on how to do better. It would be fun to go on cafe dates with my big sister to just talk, do work, or simply try out random drinks. I am compatible with people who have passions or goals that they work hard to maintain and people who also like to listen to K-pop!

I look up to my aunt the most, because she is independent, confident, and a little crazy. She is able to take care of herself, confront anyone anywhere, and knows how to have fun. She is often the one who makes plans with me and is always there when I need to rant, which makes me forget that she is not my age and not just another friend of mine. Whenever she is in a situation where she feels wronged, she doesn't hesitate to speak up, which is something I wish I can do, too. She is always sharing stories of her experiences with me. The topics of these stories can range from job interviews to dates that went wrong to how she jumped onto a subway train track. I like that whenever I talk to her, I either learn something or go on some kind of adventure. She reminds me to take risks while approaching life maturely.

I get along with people who are ambiverts, spontaneous, and can carry a conversation. I like when a person can be serious and have deep talks with me but can also be the complete opposite and carefree. Those who do not get into conflict with others often also match me well. Thoughtful, attentive people who are passionate about their interests get along with me best. I clash with people who only talk about themselves and are irresponsible/inconsiderate. I don't connect well with people who aren't inclusive of others or conscious of those around them. People who are forgetful or do not take the time to get to know others well are not compatible with me.

A moment I am proud of is when I performed a dance in front of my English class during my senior year of high school. I started dancing in my freshman year of high school, but confidence was a persistent issue for me. Dancing on stage was only possible for me if I had many people on stage to dance with me and I constantly worried about being judged, especially by those who had never seen me dance. I felt as if I danced for recognition and validation rather than for the reason that dance was enjoyable for me. At the end of senior year, everyone in my AP Lit class had to share something from their 'senior portrait,' and I chose to challenge myself to dance in front of a room of people who weren't my dance teammates. They didn't cheer me on like my teammates did, which made me more nervous. After I finished dancing, I knew my nerves caused me to mess up a couple times, but I was proud of myself for pushing myself to be more confident to better myself as a dancer.


Respect, authenticity, and empathy are qualities that I value the most in a person. I find it important for someone to be open-minded to other perspectives and considerate of others. Selflessness is important, too! I like someone who takes care of other people even if it is momentarily inconvenient to do so. I think it is important for people to be empathetic as it relates to avoiding conflict.

I hope to find a supportive and welcoming community from the New Member Process. By spending time with the sisters, I hope I feel more comfortable around them, get to know them more, and begin to feel a sense of KPL's sisterhood. I also wish to meet sisters that I didn't get to during my rush process, fellow new sisters, and my big sister! First and foremost, though, I hope to have fun and gain memories I will carry with me throughout college and my time in KPL.



Midnight Runners







Music Genre


Junk Food

Gummy bears



Clothing Style/Store/Shop



Cafe Terrace


  1. Boba

  2. Pastel Colors

  3. Eyeliner

  4. Dancing

  5. Long Walks

  6. Shopping at H-mart

  7. Grey cats

  8. Baggy pants

  9. Congee

  10. Corgi butts


  1. Grape-flavored things

  2. Ketchup

  3. Bugs (except for ladybugs)

  4. Sugar in coffee

  5. Licorice

  6. Default alarm sounds

  7. Peach tea

  8. Sticky things

  9. Small talk

  10. Diving into Swimming Pools

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