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Julia Hui Liu

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Other extracurriculars

Project Ignite, Chinese cooking club, Freedom by design, Data science club

Graduation Year






Love Languages

Words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time

Tell us About Yourself​

I’m Julia from Shanghai! I am very passionate about walking around at night, cloud gazing, and eating slim jims. I’m the youngest child (I have a brother and a sister), and I love annoying my siblings. Living in Shanghai, my favorite thing to do was to eat the amazingly cheap food and explore the city. As a child, my favorite pastime was watching 喜洋洋与灰太狼 (You’re a real one if you know this show. I also really enjoy baking and cooking, although I can’t really cook or bake. In high school, I always thought that I would major in something related to the humanities, but I ended up pivoting to more STEM-related stuff in my junior and senior years, so here I am! I have two dogs named Taffy and Deedo, an anonymous turtle, and a few fish as pets back home. My most embarrassing childhood story was when I was in fourth grade, I got impaled by a toothpick in my leg. We were in arts and crafts, and I knelt on the toothpick-covered floor and got impaled. This year, I hope to push myself out of my comfort zone, meet new people, and chase after more opportunities—both in academic and non-academic contexts.


With all that said, here are a few fun facts: I have latent tuberculosis, ADHD, and a herniated disc in my lumbar. Random items that I enjoy: dogs, ginger tea, raw onions, hot showers, oatmeal, and laying on the floor.


My heart is in the work. Just kidding. I like to explore new places, eat new foods, and go Costco shopping.

What are some things you can't live without? 

I cannot live without my Old Spice® deodorant. Every morning when I put it on, I am reminded to break gendered norms, slay the patriarchy, and attend my 8 am classes.

What are your college and career goals? 

My short-term goals are to do well in my classes, attend club meetings, meet people and explore industries that I want to work in. My long-term goals are to ultimately work in a data-related field.

Clothing sizes

Top: small

Jackets: medium

Dress size: small

Shoe size: size 6

Pants: 2

What do you look for in a potential big sister?
Who do you look up to most? Why?
What kind of personalities do you get along with?
What is a moment or achievement you're proud of?
What qualities do you value in a person?
What do you hope to gain from the new member process of Kappa Phi Lambda?

I look for someone who is daring, spontaneous, and dangerously enabling. This may not be healthy, but I am a huge enabler and I love being around people who have the same chaotic mindset. I want a relationship where we can both do stupidly fun things together, push each other to be better people, chase the bag, and be positive menaces to society.

I look up to my grandmother the most. She survived a tumultuous time in Chinese history, is a woman in STEM (professor of math), and is a perfect example of a lifelong learner. I look up most to her resilience, curiosity, and determination.

I love people who are outgoing, fun, and playful. I also love being around people who enjoy challenges and push me to be better in daily life. I think I clash the most with overly controlling and judgmental personalities. As a relatively easy-going person, I don’t like it when people are overly assertive since I feel stifled when people try to impose their opinions on me.

One time I ate an entire cheesecake factory meal (portion sizes are huge).

I value people who are driven and unafraid to chase their goals and don’t mind being judged.

I hope to develop meaningful relationships with more members and learn more about life from each person that I meet in the process!



Pulp Fiction (but it could also be Everything Everywhere All At Once)






the Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter

Music Genre

anything with nice beats

Junk Food

string cheese



Clothing Style/Store/Shop

12-year-old boy core





salt lamps

walks at night

warm milk




all things fuzzy




  1. wet socks

  2. mold

  3. covid

  4. matrices

  5. loud voices

  6. running

  7. congested nose

  8. GPAs

  9. overfilling trash bags

  10. back pains.

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