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  • Chappaqua, New York



Graduation Year:

  • 2026


  • Business Administration + Statistics


● Strong Women Strong Girls

● American Marketing Association

● Debate Club


  • Chinese/American


  • ISFP-T

Lucy feng

about lucy!

Tell us About Yourself​

Hi everyone! My name is Lucy and I'm currently a sophomore in Tepper, majoring in Business Administration and possibly Statistics. A few things I enjoy include playing video games, chatting with friends, and listening to k-pop. Although I can be shy at first, as soon as we find any sort of common interest, it'll be hard to get me to stop talking. I am so excited for the new member process after rush–I had such a great time meeting all of the sisters and hope to get to know everyone more!


Three Fun Facts:

  •  I am double-jointed pretty much everywhere! (fingers, arms, legs)

  •  I can type at 100+ wpm on my phone and laptop keyboard

  • I really enjoy the genre horror but get scared super easily



  1. Collectables (sonny angels, photocards, pokemon)

  2. Stuffed Animals

  3. Reading

  4. Seventeen (the k-pop group)

  5. Days where it's 70 degrees and cloudy with a light breeze

  6. League of Legends

  7. Mcdonald's Buffalo Sauce

  8. Sanrio Characters (cinnamoroll in particular)

  9. Wordle 

  10. Pretty nail designs


  1. Cheese (except on pizza)

  2.  Breaking promises

  3.  Watching videos without CC

  4. The silent treatment

  5.  People who are always late

  6. Books that sound really pretentious

  7. Having a lingering cough

  8.  Forgetting passwords

  9.  Soggy fries

  10.  Napping in socks

Love Languages


  1. Quality time

  2. Words of affirmation

  3. Acts of service

  4. Giving gifts

  5. Physical touch


  1. Words of affirmation

  2.  Acts of service

  3.  Quality time

  4.  Receiving gifts

  5.  Physical touch

Practical or Thoughtful Gifts? 

  • practical

3 words to describe personality

Loyal, adaptable, joyful

Clothing Sizes

Height: 5'5

Tops: medium

Bottoms: small

Sweaters/sweatshirt: medium

Jackets/outerwear: medium

Dress: small

Clothing style: I'm currently experimenting with a few different clothing styles but I am really into acubi style clothing at the moment as well as dressing more feminine.


  • Music (genre/artists): kpop (newjeans, enhypen, ive), laufey (all her songs)

  • Movies: everything, everywhere, all at once + zootopia

  • TV Shows: community, supernatural, one punch man

  • Books: the silent patient, the secret history, scythe trilogy

  • Food: ramen, pho

  • Candy: jolly ranchers, laffy taffy

  • Snacks: goldfish, cheez-its

  • Drinks: diet coke, lemonade, boba

  • Places: starbucks (to study), my bed, beijing

  • Colors: light pink, lilac, light blue, all pastels honestly

  • Clothing Item / Brands: sweatpants (the thick brandy melville ones)

  • Outfit / look: small top + big pants

  • Aesthetic: acubi

  • Scents: floral, tea

  • Quote: “Forgive me, for all the things I did but mostly for the ones that I did not.” - Donna Tartt,

  • The Secret History

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