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Ray Ka

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San Jose, CA



Graduation Year



Other extracurriculars

Asian Student Association





Love Languages

quality time, acts of service, physical touch

Tell us About Yourself​


I’m from the Bay Area, specifically San Jose, and have lived there all my life up until now. I have two older sisters–one is 29 and the other is 23. As the youngest of the family, I’ve always had the luxury of getting life advice and experience from my oldest sisters, and I definitely wouldn’t be who I am today without them. I’m half Korean and half Vietnamese and coming from both an East Asian and Southeast Asian background has shaped my cultural identity today. Seeing two completely different cultures merge together was a completely unique experience and opened my eyes to the differences between my two halves. At home I have my own Scottish Terrier, so my family likes to think that I was meant to be at CMU. I started playing guitar two years ago and fell in love with the instrument. I used to sing, and what really motivated me to begin playing guitar was so I could make my own instrumentals to songs I listen to often. I started with acoustic guitar but last year got my own electric guitar, so I’ve been playing more electric recently. Continuing along the music path, I love music! It’s one of the things I love most in life, and you can almost always see me with an airpod or my headphones on. I started getting into producing and mixing my own music, and while I’ve hit many obstacles along the way, it’s fun to see the behind the scenes process of how music is created. I also like to express my love for music through poster designs, which I love creating in my spare time. Throughout middle school and high school, I mostly specialized in 3D conceptual sculptures, but I wanted to branch out in my art mediums. So, I tried graphic design and instantly connected with it. I started out with simple designs and moved onto posters, and now I’m here majoring in design which is honestly still pretty crazy to me.


In my free time, I play guitar and design posters. One of my passions is music, and in another life, I would have loved to pursue a career in it! I also love movies and make film posters as well. Ever since I was little, my dad introduced me to a lot of different interests like Star Wars, Marvel, hockey, and more! Ever since then, I’ve always been a big fan of all of these things. I’m a big hockey fan and had season tickets to the San Jose Sharks back at home and hopefully I can go to some Penguins games here!

What are some things you can't live without? 

I don't think I could live without music! I almost always have music playing in my ears, and I rarely do any task without music playing in the background. Its always been a huge part of my life since my dad has been showing my new and old music ever since I was little. I also think I couldn't survive with sushi or Korean food. I live with my grandma at home, and she would make me Korean food every night for dinner (which I dearly miss), so I could not survive without Korean food (especially, tteokbokki, seolleongtang, and kbbq!!).

What are your college and career goals? 

My college goals currently are to improve my foundational skills as a designer and possibly get an internship for the summer. I also want to meet more people and become closer with my design class! Right now, I’m leading towards the communications track since I’ve been doing graphic design for a couple of years now. Ultimately, in the future, I would like to get a job in the entertainment or music industry creating posters, album work, and more, so I can combine my two passions–music/film and design–together.

Clothing sizes

Top: S

Dress: XS

bottoms: XS/24

Jackets/outerwear: M

shoe size: 7

What do you look for in a potential big sister?
Who do you look up to most? Why?
What kind of personalities do you get along with?
What is a moment or achievement you're proud of?
What qualities do you value in a person?
What do you hope to gain from the new member process of Kappa Phi Lambda?

Having two older sisters myself, I think I would want my big to share some of the same interests as me but also be able to introduce me and encourage me to explore more new ideas. It’s usually difficult for me to branch out of my comfort zone, so I would want someone who can push me to try new things since I’ve always loved doing what I’m comfortable with. I would also love someone who likes going out (going on lunch/dinner dates, picnics, trips, etc…) since I love making new memories and going to new places with people! I’m very introverted but usually like to bounce off of other people’s energy so maybe someone a little more extroverted would be good for me!

I look up to my mom the most. She came here as a Vietnam War refugee and was taken care of by her single mother in a predominantly white town in Oklahoma. Throughout college, she would commute back and forth between OSU and her home and sacrificed going out with friends to work out her family's restaurant. She's only ever know hard-work and dedication throughout her life. What I admire most about her is how calm she is in situations. Despite having lived a difficult life, she handles stress and pressure extremely well and doesn't let things get to her very often. She is probably the strongest person I know.

I think I get along with all types of personalities but probably get along with more extroverted people more. However, there needs to be a balance between how extroverted and introverted someone is. I usually find it difficult to get along with very introverted people since it's difficult to keep up conversation (since I am also introverted). I think that I get along with any person that can hold a conversation or someone that shares common interests with me!

A moment I'm proud of is probably when I got into my first college which was UMich. After getting rejected from my ED, I was genuinely doubting whether or not I would actually get into college (Iooking back now I was a bit dramatic). I opened my decision during class and honestly was not expecting much, but seeing the acceptance pop up on my screen validated all the work I did throughout high school, and I felt so genuinely proud of myself.

I value creativity, passion, and dedication in a person! I love listening to people talk about their passions in life and always want to learn more about what people love doing most. I love when I see people that are really dedicated towards a certain cause and find it really admirable.

I hope to have a better picture in mind of where I fit in KPL and how KPL fits into my own life, and most importantly, become closer friends with the other members of my class and the sisters more by getting to know them more deeply.



Rogue One


Green (any type!)




Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen

Music Genre


Junk Food

mozzarella sticks


manta rays/stingrays

Clothing Style/Store/Shop

Aritzia/subversive/clean/minimal style




  1. Star Wars

  2. hocke

  3.  music

  4. guitar

  5. anime

  6. boba

  7. baking

  8. gaming

  9. designing

  10. rain


  1. horror movies

  2. bugs

  3. being late

  4. public speaking

  5. celery

  6. clowns

  7. hot weather

  8. hiking

  9. online classes

  10. decision making (lol)

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