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Yui Ishibiki

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Tokyo, Japan


ChemE, BME (undeclared)

Graduation Year



Other extracurriculars

*still considering clubs and activities*, work (tutoring, translating)





Love Languages

Acts of service, Quality time, Words of affirmation

Tell us About Yourself​


Hi! My name is Yui and I’m a freshman intending to major in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering. I’m from Tokyo, Japan, and I also used to live in Bangkok back in elementary school.

My mbti for reference is ENTP (which is unfortunately and fortunately same as the Joker) but it changes every single time, and I consider myself to be an ambivert. I like social settings, hanging out with friends, and large gatherings, but I also like chilling in my room and not doing anything. I like looking at aesthetic things on pinterest like interior design, and forcing myself to be motivated by the thought of living in a nice apartment.


I like listening to basically any kind of music and I’m really into Kpop, I really appreciate it when people share their playlist with me because I’m always up for song recommendations.


I tend to be a 0 or 100 kind of person, and a professional procrastinator. Also definitely NOT a morning person (I can’t hear my alarms). I am also very spontaneous and make important decisions by instinct, and am always up to try new things. I also have addictive tendencies, so when I really like something, I will commit to that 120% and get bored of it very quickly (I once ate golden kiwis for breakfast, lunch and dinner for like a week). Most importantly I am a HUGE foodie, and I will eat/drink almost anything except for whipped cream, mayo, and carbonated drinks. I will substitute eating over sleeping any day.


I love listening to music and playing the piano, watching netflix (I was very into Suits and The Blacklist), and hanging out with people in general. I like to swim, play tennis, and run (occasionally) and I will go to the gym to justify going out to eat. On a more serious note, I’m interested in the medical field and helping to achieve health equity in society. I would like to use the resources I have to extend opportunities for people that are oppressed in any way, in any form.

What are some things you can't live without? 

I definitely cannot live without good food, especially asian cuisine. I love boba and other sweet things as well, but coffee is my first priority. I definitely cannot live without my friends or facetiming them frequently. I don’t have an emotional attachment to objects or things in general, but I am an avid player of tetris especially during lectures.

What are your college and career goals? 

When I was seven, I was devastated to hear my grandmother suffered from cerebral infarction and became paralyzed in the left half of her body. However, with surgical procedures and treatments, her restricted body could be liberated. To this day, this inspires me to elucidate the inner workings of the mechanism behind the magic. As I pursue Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, I aspire to immerse myself in integrated research that would enable me to explore the versatility of chemical biology and synthesis. I yearn to improve accessibility to medical resources while increasing the efficiency of drug synthesis and delivery. Exploring the possible application of engineering, my goal is to set a step toward health equity. My initial steps would be simply Additionally, I wish to cultivate an environment in Japan where women engineers have a voice. My personal experience of being discouraged to pursue STEM as a female is unfortunately shared amongst many others, and I believe I can utilize the resources I have to support others that face barricades. I want to experience the forefront of engineering. Engineering that is not limited to the science we know, but the engineering of a new society we like to live in.

Clothing sizes

(I actually have no idea about the US sizes) but I like oversized things, generally S or M? Shoe size: 26cm or women's size 9.5

What do you look for in a potential big sister?
Who do you look up to most? Why?
What kind of personalities do you get along with?
What is a moment or achievement you're proud of?
What qualities do you value in a person?
What do you hope to gain from the new member process of Kappa Phi Lambda?

I look for someone to have a very bestfriends kind of relationship, where you would feel comfortable independent but also have fun together. Someone who I can feel relaxed with and can depend on, but also have them depend on me as well. I want to hear their rants when they are stressed and want to give back what they give me.

I look up to my mom, who sacrificed so many things to raise me as a single, working mother. She is the strongest, most honest person I know.

I despise being late, so I am always at least 10 minutes early to meet. I think that describes my impatience which balances out my impatience and 0 or 100 personality. I look for honesty and authenticity in other people, so when I feel that someone is trying to make me feel better when in reality is not the case, I frankly feel lied to. In general, I like to think people have very different backgrounds that formulate their personality, so I don't have a personality that I instantly clash with. However, because I am so spontaneous, if someone looks for a person that brings them safety, they may feel uncomfortable.

My earliest memories do not have an image but instead have music. I can vividly recall my mother playing Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude as it woke me up from my slumber, the anticipation of crescendo becoming second nature. I hadn’t understood how skilled my mother was at playing the piano until I registered that grace only came from infuriating practice that left one in the mud of insecurity. While her fingers glided fluidly across the black and white keys, I did not show similarly impressive dexterity. However, I was absolutely determined to play Ballade No.1 by Chopin, the piece that initially inspired me to learn the piano. Completing this piece taught me to not only persevere through frustration, but to pay close attention to the smallest details that are oftentimes dismissed. I am constantly reminded of the importance of patience, an attribute that I deem my biggest accomplishment. In my experiences in sports such as swimming, tennis, and track, believing in the hours of exhausting practice and trying to grasp the intangible amid a slump has brought me the most improvement. Whenever there are disagreements upon a topic, patiently trying to understand the other perspective results in a calm resolve and a new insight. Now, I thank my younger self for remaining on the wooden chair; blurred from tears as I struggled to interpret the piece.

Patience, humility, honesty, humor

To get to know other members more and become close with everyone. To give back to the community that I serve, and to be a dependent sister to others.









The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath

Music Genre


Junk Food




Clothing Style/Store/Shop

Zara, vintage, simple, minimalistic




  1. Food

  2. Coffee

  3. Reading

  4. Music

  5. Playing sports

  6. Friends

  7. Netflix

  8. Kpop

  9. Snow

  10. Efficiency


  1. Being late to a meeting

  2. Slow walkers

  3. Whipped cream

  4. Carbonated drinks

  5. Mayo

  6. Umbrellas

  7. Inefficiency

  8. Mornings

  9. Color purple

  10. Not having enough time

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