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  • Rockville, Maryland



Graduation Year:

  • 2026


  • Mathematics


●Account Management Intern @ Education Dynamics

● SAT Tutor



  • Burmese


  • ESFJ

cara moe

about cara!

Tell us About Yourself​

Cara, Caroline, Yaun, Oowae. I’ve gone by a lot of names, but I hope I can make a name for myself as a KPL sister this semester. Hopefully, I’m someone you can come to for anything and someone you can not only call a friend but a sister. Need help with math? New music to listen to? Want to take mini-trips to eat yummy food? 5-stack Valorant (I’m Bronze 1)? I’m here for you :) Rush has been so much fun, I feel like I’ve already started some really amazing friendships and I’m excited for process!


Three Fun Facts:

  • I mix and match jewelry colors (silver and gold… pure chaos)

  • I upcycle my clothes

  • I’ve dyed my hair blue and blonde (separately)


Three Things you cant live without:

  • My parents

  • ipad...

  • Spotify/ listening to music


  • none


  1. Slaughter Beach, Dog

  2. Soul Eater

  3. When the fluffy white dog comes out on campus during sunny days

  4. Sushi

  5. Size 6 shoes

  6. Watching anime on sub

  7. Valorant

  8. Mango bingsoo

  9. Silver jewelry

  10. thrifting/shopping


  1. Mushrooms

  2. Strawberries

  3. Olives

  4. 15122

  5. Centipedes

  6. Watching anime on dub

  7. Wet food

  8. Wet pants

  9. Wet sleeves

  10. Rat tails (the hairstyle)

Love Languages


  1. Acts of service

  2. Quality time

  3. Gift-giving

  4. Words of affirmation

  5. Physical touch


  1. Quality time

  2. Acts of service

  3. Words of affirmation

  4. Gift-receiving 

  5. Physical touch

Practical or Thoughtful Gifts? 

  • Thoughtful

3 words to describe personality
Optimistic, Understanding, Open-minded

Clothing Sizes

Height: 5’1

Tops: S

Bottoms: 24”

Sweaters/sweatshirt: S/M

Jackets/outerwear: S

Dress: XS/S

Clothing style (describe as much as you want):
Grunge, y2k, and a bit of jirai kei


  • Music (genre/artists): Cigarettes After Sex, Lana Del Ray, Slaughter Beach Dog!

  • Movies: Shutter Island, Snowpiercer

  • TV Shows: Shameless, W, Pinnochio, One Punch Man

  • Books: Norwegian Wood… Haruki Murakami

  • Food: Any form of noodles, Pork belly, coconut 

  • Candy: I like sweets, but not too big on candy. I prefer pastries :D

  • Snacks: honey butter chips

  • Drinks: cream soda, water!

  • Places: Burma, Home (Maryland), Taiwan

  • Colors: Red, Black

  • Clothing Item / Brands: Flower Birds Market, Aracana Archive

  • Outfit / look: a cute tank top and dark mid-rise flare leg jeans

  • Aesthetic: I love classic and refined everyday styles - a lot of the time reflected by y2k trends and korean fashion trends, I also love styles like jirai-kei

  • Scents: Lazy Sunday Morning & Flower Market by Maison Margeila

  • Quote: “You think your pain and heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read.” - James Baldwin

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