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more  about amber!

Amber's Personal Story

I was born and raised in Long Island. When I was 5 years old, my parents started me in violin lessons and karate. At age 7, I switched from karate to dance, swim and also picked up piano. During this time I was also enrolled in Chinese school. I continued these extracurriculars until the start of middle school where I dropped dance, and in 10th grade, I dropped piano. In my free time. I love baking and cooking. Usually I put on Stephanie Soo (I am obsessed with true crime) and during the pandemic I started listening to the h3 podcast. In highschool I would routinely listen to the h3 podcast and Stephanie as I did homework, which was a horrible idea. I have since been able to stop this habit and only catch up on them on weekends, meal breaks and during chores. On that note, I also strangely like doing chores, mostly because its a time when I can freely listen to the podcast and Stephanie without feeling guilty.

Amber's Hobbies, Passions & Interests

  • baking/cooking

  • journaling

  • snowboarding

  • doing nails

My hobbies include baking/cooking, journaling, snowboarding and doing my nails. Whenever I was stressed (with enough time) I would cook something up to take my mind off of whatever was stressing me out. I enjoy cooking more than baking, because I love how flexible cooking is. I love getting creative and imagining which flavor profiles go together in my mind. Will i cook/bake, I would put on podcast/Stephanie, but I would also at times binge shows like The Glory, Lucifer, Stranger Things, Georgia and more. I also had a period in time where I would also binge kdramas. I have watched: He is Psychometric, The Legend of the Blue Sea, Weightlifting Fairy, Strongwoman, Hotel del Luna and the cdrama The Untamed, I also enjoyed these dramas and podcasts/videos as I did my nails. For me, doing my own nails (acrylics, gel) is incredibly therapeutic and I get to be creative with them. Following this note, this was the same case for journaling. I would enjoy the above forms of entertainment as I bullet-journaled, following AmandaRachLee’s monthly format and doodles. I would also watch anime simultaneously. I watched Naruto, AOT(some), Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen (still watching), Food Wars, HxH, Jojo, My Hero(some) and One Piece (some).

Amber's Personality

I would describe my personality as chill. I am usually the friend that my friends go to to rant and seek emotional support. I don’t like making assumptions on people and especially don't like rumors so my philosophy is to form your own opinions about other people. I believe that you should meet and interact with said person in addition to what you've been told, and only then can you make a decision on what you think of that person. Even then, I like to keep in mind that some people may change and circumstances. However, once you get to really know me, I become unhinged and chaotic.

Amber's Sense of Humor

Childish jokes, being facetious, vine.

Amber's Proudest Moment

My proudest moment would be seeing my brother making his first fried rice and seeing how happy my mother and grandparents were for him, how proud they were of him, and how proud of himself he was. Teaching my brother to be resourceful and freely use his creativity to make lunch for himself because I would be going off to college filled me with a sense of pride and fulfillment. Not to mention, the fried rice he made was really good.

Amber's Perfect Day

A perfect day would be one with everything completed and so I get to spend a day fully with my family and friends. To further elaborate, it would be a day in which I would not have to worry about any upcoming assignments/exams or anything relating to academics for the future. That way, I can spend a day fully enjoying the moment with my friends and family.

Values, goals, challenges!

Top Values/ Principles

My top values are graciousness, humbleness, and family. It certainly doesn’t hurt to be kind or do the bare minimum for others. It has been a core value that my parents have instilled and disciplined us with and I strongly abide by it and live by it. Additionally I greatly value staying humble/humility. It is kind of a pet peeve of mine and I dislike people with extremely high egos. Last but not least, family. I love my family so incredibly much. They have raised me and made me the person I am today. They supported me in my activities and although we are not perfect, it was more than I could ever ask for.

who do you look up to?

I look up to both of my parents. My mother has unconditional love, doing her best to support and help me and my brother. She has done so much work researching, planning, I also look up to my father because of his ability to stay calm during stressful situations, getting work done (and early), being so handy, all the while helping people out, out of the goodness of his heart, expecting nothing in return.

Academic/ Career/ Life Goals

My academic goal is to perform well in school while making connections with peers, professors, and friends. I hope that with these connections it can help me through college and get me a head start in my career. For now my dream job is to develop something for eczema to help fully treat it. Because I myself grew up with severe eczema, I struggled with my skin condition and so did my family. I felt as if a large amount of money, time and effort was poured into maintaining my skin, finding treatments, and seeing doctors. I am currently quite passionate about this topic so I want to help other people who experience the same condition as I do.

3 areas for Personal Growth

Approach to conflict

Dealing with stress and/or frustration

First and foremost I want to work on my time management and timeliness. I struggled with deadlines in highschool and I overloaded myself with work. Having experienced an intense amount of stress due to this, I have been able to manage my schoolwork so much better, and actually now have free time. Secondly, I want to work on my communication skills. I feel as if I am still a bit awkward in conversing with others and would like to be more smooth with it. Additionally I would also like to be better at communicating my thoughts and feelings to others. I feel like I struggle to convey what I truly mean.

My approach to conflicts differs depending on the situation. If it is a conflict in terms of my academics, then I tend to stress and brute force through the conflict until hours have passed and I decide it's time to take a break or move on. If it is a conflict between myself and another person, I surprisingly hold quite good communication with them. I try to understand where they are coming with them and in doing so it allows me to consider their feelings as well. In doing so, it prevents the conflict from escalating. I also set baselines and boundaries with my friends and peers and so they know to tell me that if there is anything I say or do that makes them uncomfortable or upset to tell me, and I let them know that in doing so, it would not offend or upset me in any way.

In the past, I had mostly procrastinated anything that stressed me out. I also tend to snack when I’m stressed. If I am not in too much of a time crunch, I relieve stress by cooking or baking. I also tend to nap (which feeds into the cycle of procrastination) when I'm stressed.


I try to hold open communication with others; however, I tend to have difficulty conveying my own feelings, especially if it jeopardizes the happiness of another person. I think the bare minimum of what others can do is telling me to know when I have said or done anything that bothered them rather than letting it snowball and become a larger issue. I also don't mind sharing my belongings and do so frequently, but as long as people ask. I expect a baseline of boundaries initially set as well.

Personalities or characteristics

I tend to get along with people who are extroverted but understanding. Usually I get along with creative/artistic minds and also those who also are understanding as well (hold open communication). I tend to clash with people who are incredibly stubborn.

What qualities do you value or appreciate most in a person?

For me, I most value humility and inclusivity. I feel as if having just a bit of humility goes a long way and is incredibly important for each person to have. I really dislike arrogance and find it incredibly hard to respect someone who is arrogant even if they do deserve it. On the other hand, one who has humility/humble, without it being excessive, I find to have great/increasing respect for them. I also have the utmost respect for someone who practices inclusivity. I find it so warming when others, whether it be strangers or people you have just met, talk to you, walk with you and include you out of their own volition.

Getting to know amber 
as a pnm!

Why do you want to join Kappa Phi Lambda?
What are you looking for in a big sister?
What do you hope to gain from being a part of Kappa Phi Lambda?
What kind of support do you hope to receive from your line sisters, Active Sisters, Alum, etc.?
Do you have any goals you would like to accomplish as a PNM or future Sister?
What do you hope to contribute to Kappa Phi Lambda?
How would you want to use your platform as a Sister of Kappa Phi Lambda?
Are you more of a leader or follower? Why?
What are some of your strengths? Weaknesses?

I want to join Kappa Phi Lambda because I was looking for a sorority to help me with building connections, a support system for academics/personal troubles, and somewhere where I can continue giving back to the community/volunteer. However, the sisters of KPL have been so sweet and fun, I truly loved getting to meet the sisters and they took great care of me and each other.

I hope to gain a close relationship with the sisters, a support system to have, get the advice/experience from fellow sisters, and build connections.

I am looking for a Big who will look out for me and genuinely care for me. I am also looking for someone who has connections. For qualities and traits, I am looking for an extroverted Big, someone who is unafraid of telling others no, and someone who can communicate well. I would love to foster and maintain this relationship through occasional runs. Whether it is for a meal or going for a shopping run, I find quality time is important. I also think sitting down and being transparent with anything that is happening to each other helps foster a deeper connection.

I hope to receive academic support, a little emotional support and overall just a community to be apart to build a second family/friendship here in such a cutthroat school. It is in my hopes that with the sisters, the competitiveness can melt away (not completely, just enough to keep me motivated to achieve great things).

As a future sister, I would like to be successful academically, I would love to get a job and internship. I would love to meet new people and learn to socialize more.

I hope that I can contribute to the sense of community the girls already have. One where we support each other academically, motivating and supporting each other to win awards, land good jobs/internships all while having fun. I also hope to continue bringing achievements and awards to KPL.

As a sister of KPL, I would like to be able to contribute back to the community whether it be through volunteer work or fundraising.

I think I lie in between, but more so a follower. I won't take leadership positions unless I see there is a need for me to be in that position, in which case I will take it without hesitation. If it seems as if the leader tends to be too “leadery” where they are using the title as a means of finalizing a decision, creating a power dynamic, continuously speaking over others/shutting down other ideas, that is where I’ll step up. I enjoy seeing how different people lead and how others respond to those different styles/personality types. I am also incredibly indecisive and do not want to offend others, which comes across as being too soft (but I am working on that!).

Some of my strengths are that I am open to trying new things, whether it is food or activities. Bouncing off of trying new things, I am not too bothered by change, I self reflect a lot of time and do my best to change my flaws. I am also very determined and hardworking when it comes to academics. Weaknesses would be timeliness, indecisiveness and self doubt.

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