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Interests & Passions


Arielle's College & Career Goals

Playing piano and cello, soccer, volleyball, reading (mostly fiction), tv, anime, music, most group activities.

My main goal whilst going to CMU is to get the most out of academics and the resources they provide. I initially went in thinking mostly of Cognitive Science as my major, but now I'm heavily considering adding on Human-Computer Interaction as a minor or even additional major! Some other goals aside from getting my degree are to join relevant clubs and organizations to help me learn more about what I can do to plan a successful future for myself. I am considering pursuing UI/UX or other technological endeavors since I've discovered that I somewhat enjoy computer science. I'm definitely aiming to get some sort of internship by the time I end at CMU which will hopefully lead to a full-time position once I graduate.


What do you look for in a potential big sister? (personality traits, type of relationship, dynamic)

I look for someone with similar career/education goals so I can ask them for advice. Someone with a similar personality to me and values would be really cool. I guess someone who's more grounded, relaxed, fun to be around, and really genuine are traits that matter most to me. Someone with a really good work ethic would also be super motivating for me and also give me a role model to look up to which would be really cool. I've never had a sister , but it definitely seems like a fun dynamic to be in! I've always been the older one so I've always been the one to give advice to my younger brother, so it'd be cool to experience the other way around.

who do you look up to?

I really look up to my grandmother. A lot of the reason is she has certain traits that I feel I like in, or I could work on and it's really inspiring. She has a lot of patience and kindness and always assumes the best in everyone and talking to her always brings me some peace and relief that everything will be okay. I'm definitely more of an overthinker in many situations, so being able to take a step back and chill out when I need to is really nice.

What kind of personalities do you get along with?

Generally, I get along better with people with "quieter" personality types. I find it harder to get along with people who are more extremely extroverted, or are more opinionated and stubborn when it comes to their viewpoints and what they talk about. I feel more comfortable when I know I'm with a person who really thinks and reflects and sometimes would rather just listen and process information than have something to immediately say in the moment. However, I also do like being around people who can be silly. I am the kind of person who will just hum random tunes when I feel like it, and it's really nice when someone matches that energy.

What traits do you value in a person?

I value traits of openness, having quiet confidence, cleverness, being grounded, and thoughtfulness.

What do you hope to gain from the New Member Process for Kappa Phi Lambda?

I hope to more clearly define what kind of person I am and want to strive to be as well as gain confidence in all areas of my life.

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