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Angela Kim

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South Korea


Information Systems

Other extracurriculars

Korean Student Association

Graduation Year






Love Languages

quality time, physical touch, acts of service

Tell us About Yourself​

Hello! I am Angela Kim from South Korea. I have lived in Seoul pretty much my whole life, but my mother is Chinese and my father is Korean. Thus, I am able to speak Korean, English, and limited Chinese. I am currently a freshman undergraduate in Carnegie Mellon University pursuing a BS in Information Systems with a concentration in CS or HCI. Prior to my time at CMU I went to an International School in Korea where I was able to receive an American school curriculum with APs.


As a student interested in the interdisciplinary field between humanities and technology, I hope to find a PM position that can get me to work with individuals in various sectors. My flexibility in fields is apparent through my many high school engagements including debate, coding club, cheerleading, and piano.


I came to Pittsburgh very recently and I live in Donner House right now. My favorite campus food has to be the sushi rolls because it isn't too salty or sweet and really light for my stomach. I think I am quite satisfied with my life in CMU, I have been able to meet a lot of new people and often hang out with my friends over at Stever or Morewood Gardens. Beyond our campus my favorite place to eat has to be Noodle Heads and Fujiya Ramen both of which I ate very recently and fell in love with.


I am very excited to continue new explorations in Pittsburgh and even just my life as I embark on a new journey.


Wakeboarding, Shopping, Meeting new people, and going to Karaoke.

What are some things you can't live without? 

Food: Asian cuisines (sushi, hotpot, k-bbq)

What are your college and career goals? 

A short academic goal that I have right now is just maintaining a relatively high GPA, just doing well in my classes, and making sure I can keep up with my work. However, my long term goal for college is beyond mere academics to more social and personal lives. I hope to make life-long friends and create memories that I can laugh about in the future. Career-wise I am looking for an internship right now but want to get into tech management long-term.

Clothing sizes

Top: Small

Dress: Small~Medium

Bottoms: Medium

Jacket/Outerwear: Medium~Large

Shoe: 7

What do you look for in a potential big sister?
Who do you look up to most? Why?
What kind of personalities do you get along with?
What is a moment or achievement you're proud of?
What qualities do you value in a person?
What do you hope to gain from the new member process of Kappa Phi Lambda?

I hope to find a mentor both personally and academically. I want to have a relationship where I can look up to my big for advice about myself and my work. And even though I may be the little, I really wish it could be a relationship where both of us can grow as people. The relationship dynamic I want is one thats like close friends, making jokes and having fun.

I look up to my mother the most. I admire how she has been able to come to a foreign country (Korea), adjust and even thrive. I hope to be as strong as her and I am grateful for her creating such a positive educational environment for me to become who I am today.

I get along with most people, but I do clash sometimes with people who may be a bit strict when it comes to like organization and lifestyle. I am very impulsive and easygoing and so while I am not uncomfortable with others, sometimes I worry that others may feel uncomfortable around me.

I know this is not that important, especially now, but me getting my SAT scores was something I was proud of. I am no longer very proud but the happiness I got when all my hard work paid off was a moment I will never forget.

I think one of the most important quality I value in a person is how open they are. Just being accepting of different people and making the effort to understand others is something I think everyone needs to live more harmoniously. Especially in such a harsh social and political climate, such qualities is more important now than ever before.

I hope to gain a better understanding of KPL as well as become introduced to a new community that can create a positive and fostering environment for me.









Case Closed

Music Genre


Junk Food

Jolly Ranchers



Clothing Style/Store/Shop





  1. ​Wakeboard

  2. Ski

  3. Shopping

  4. Asian Food

  5. K-BBQ

  6. Travel

  7. Animals

  8. Piercings

  9. Orange Juice

  10. Brunch


1. Bugs

2. Bee

3. Spider

4. Rat

5. Staying still for too long

6. Bad weather

7. Cold

8. Wet socks

9. Early Mornings

10. Homework

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