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Interests & Passions


Barbara's College & Career Goals

I've started to dance recently (kpop/urban hip-hop styles) and its become my favorite hobby <3! I did volleyball, track and field, and tennis during high school. My favorite show that i've watched recently is street woman fighter 2. I listen to kpop (my music taste hasnt really changed in the last 6 years)

I hope to gain engineering work experiences and work at and learn from a bigger company (particularly the automotive industry) after graduating college.


What do you look for in a potential big sister? (personality traits, type of relationship, dynamic)

someone who has similarities in hobbies, humor and life philosophy :)

who do you look up to?

I look up to my friends, a lot of my friends have really interesting perspectives on life and they are extremely hardworking when doing things they are most passionate about. i try to learn from them.

What kind of personalities do you get along with?

people who joke around alot and can make really dumb jokes :)

What traits do you value in a person?

optimism, cheerfulness, considerate

What do you hope to gain from the New Member Process for Kappa Phi Lambda?

get to know a lot of cool people (all the girls), gain confidence, learn more about myself and my strengths and weaknesses.

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