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  • Tenafly, NJ



Graduation Year:

  • 2027


  • English


  • ASA

  • The Tartan/The Piper

  • Yarnivores

  • Intramural Soccer

  • A2F (or another Christian group)


  • Korean American


  • ESFJ-T

Jackie Kim

about jackie!

Tell us About Yourself​

Hi! I’m Jackie! 
I can be pretty awkward and easily intimidated, but once you get to know me I’m a very sociable, positive, and energetic person. I can promise you an interesting time. I’m really excited about KPL, especially because I didn’t ever anticipate joining a sorority. But I look forward to continuing to be pleasantly surprised—I’m a big believer of “whatever is meant to happen will happen.” I like trying new things, especially if they cause me a healthy amount of anxiety, and I look forward to getting to know you all!

Three Fun Facts:

  • My high school superlative was “most school spirit”

  • I usually carry a bottle of Tabasco with me

  • I don’t have any pets but I have two younger siblings that have been mistaken for dogs by my teachers over Zoom.


Three Things you cant live without:

  • Friends/Family (company)

  • Tabasco 

  • Bubble Tea 


  • none


  1. Friends/family

  2. Church

  3. 70s weather

  4. Bubble tea (Gong Cha)

  5. Lip products 

  6. The Met

  7. Summer dresses

  8. Complaining 

  9. Taylor Swift

  10. Pittsburgh sunsets!


  1. Wet socks

  2. Statistics

  3. Humidity

  4. Dirty hair

  5. Heavy bags

  6. Homework

  7. Mean humor

  8. Being hot/sweaty

  9. Spotted lantern flies

  10. Honking (while driving)

Love Languages


  1. Acts of Service

  2. Words of affirmation

  3. Physical touch

  4. Quality Time

  5. Giving gifts


  1. Words of affirmation

  2. Physical touch

  3. Acts of Service

  4. Quality Time

  5. Receiving Gifts

Practical or Thoughtful Gifts? 

  • I think that I prefer more thoughtful gifts. I’m a pretty sentimental person, and so I appreciate when people try to give me something that has significance/sentimental value, even if it may not be the most practical.

3 words to describe personality

Kind, Energetic, (Hopefully) Funny

Clothing Sizes

Height: 5’1”

Tops: XS/S

Bottoms: size 0/2

Sweaters/sweatshirt: size small

Jackets/outerwear: size small

Dress: size 2

Clothing style (describe as much as you want):
I usually like to dress feminine and “professional.” I don’t think my style is particularly interesting or unique, but I like to look “put together” and cute.


  • Music (genre/artists): Taylor Swift, Laufey

  • Movies: 10 Things I Hate About You

  • TV Shows: The Summer I Turned Pretty

  • Books: Twilight series, Hunger Games series (I always go back to these…)

  • Food: pasta/Italian food

  • Candy: KitKats

  • Snacks: korean snacks - potato snack, homerun balls, pocky, MORE

  • Drinks: Bubble Tea

  • Places: Home:,( , the Met

  • Colors: Purple

  • Clothing Item / Brands: dresses in the summer, sweaters in fall/winter

  • Outfit / look: cute-preppy

  • Aesthetic: cottagecore

  • Scents: jasmine, vanilla, cinnamon

  • Quote: “everything happens for a reason”

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