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  • Seoul, South Korea



Graduation Year:

  • 2026


  • Business Administration


● AMA (American Marketing Association)

● Cosplay Club


  • Korean


  • Between INTP and INTJ

yeji Kim

about yeji!

Tell us About Yourself​

Hiya! I’m Yeji Kim, a sophomore in business admin. I might come across as a bit shy but once I get warmed up to people, I can be one of the most chaotic and energetic people you’ve ever met. I’m a huge boba/milk tea fan so hit me up whenever you want so we can go on a boba date. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and getting personally close with each and every one of you!


Three Fun Facts:

  • I lived in Kazakhstan and Vienna when I was little

  • I played Pokemon Platinum in four different languages (and died a little playing it)

  • I’ve been a fan of BTS since 2014 and probably consumed 95% of BTS content out there


Three Things you cant live without:

  • Milk Tea (with boba)

  • Ice cream

  • Karaoke


  • I used to have peanut allergies but I think it’s slowly starting to go away.


  1. Milk Tea

  2. BTS

  3. Webtoons

  4. Cute stickers

  5. Ice cream (Millie’s is beast)

  6. Insomnia cookies

  7. Playing games (LoL, StarRail)

  8. Doodling (not a great artist but I enjoy it :D)

  9. Eggs (must be either sunny side up or smoked eggs)

  10. Cuddling with soft plushies/blankets


  1. Slow wifi (I swear it’s a Korean thing)

  2. Olives

  3. Bugs (I can’t kill the lantern flies. They scare me)

  4. Loud noises

  5. Carrots (but I like carrot cake)

  6. Walking barefoot

  7. Condescending people

  8. Slow traffic

  9. Hot weather

  10. Popcorn (:O)

Love Languages


  1. Quality time

  2. Words of affirmation

  3. Gifts

  4. Acts of service

  5. Physical touch


  1. Quality time

  2. Gifts

  3. Acts of service

  4. Words of affirmation

  5. Physical touch

Practical or Thoughtful Gifts? 

  • I like both but I prefer thoughtful ones a little more

3 words to describe personality

Responsible, Loyal, Cheerful

Clothing Sizes

Height: 167 cm

Tops: Medium (M)

Bottoms: Medium (M)

Sweaters/Sweatshirt: Large (L)

Jackets/Outerwear: Large (L)

Dress: Medium (M)

Clothing Style:
I like wearing street, Y2K, and feminine styles.

I also like oversized clothes and beanies as part of my fashion choices.


  • Music (genre/artists): BETELGEUSE by Yuuri, Mikrokosmos by BTS

  • Movies: Spirited Away

  • TV Shows: The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

  • Books: Percy Jackson series

  • Food: Malatang

  • Candy: Welch’s Fruit Snacks, guava flavored candy

  • Snacks: Konjac jelly, coconut tapioca pudding

  • Drinks: Milk tea, melon cream soda

  • Places: Seoul, Tokyo

  • Colors: Light purple

  • Clothing Item / Brands: Beanies! (I don’t really care about brands)

  • Outfit / look: Y2K, feminine

  • Aesthetic: E-girl, cute things

  • Scents: Coconut(!!!), cherry

  • Quote: “With great power comes a great need to take a nap. Wake me up later.” (from the book The Last Olympian)

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